Attention: Entrepreneurs, Experts, Influencers, and People CALLED To Impact The World, But NOT SURE WHERE TO GO NEXT...

"Just Give Me 75 Short Minutes,

And I'll Teach You How To Monetize Your Message, Get Booked On Platforms, & Turn Your Skills Into Worldwide Impact As A Paid Speaker!



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Wednesday April 12, 5:30 pm CT



GENERATE $1M+ THROUGH ENTREPRENEURSHIP BEFORE I WAS 30, with a pageant & music background (and no business degree!)

(...all while enjoying life, traveling, & exploding my impact!)


How To Increase Your Impact and Income ...

 Even if you have a small audience, by simply discovering the message already on the inside of you and getting it in front of the right people! It's time to share your message with millions!


Learn The Highest-Paid Skill In The World

By one simple & successful communication framework that anyone can follow, but very few people have yet discovered! It's time to impact people, get paid, + feel insane fulfillment AS A CAREER!


How To Get Booked On Platforms ...

Stop waiting for the phone to ring! This live training is going to help you take action NOW! Big stages, small stages, they're all waiting for you!


"Before working with Coach Megan, I was all over the place. Pregnant with my first child, working full time, and trying to be all things to all people in my side hustle videography company. Megan was able to quickly and effectively help me define my message, and my business skyrocketed because of it. Now, I'm enjoying life with my newborn AND doing what I love while paying myself what I'm worth! This saved me years of toiling and underpaying myself. She also has a supernatural way of instilling belief into you as a human being. Megan + the team's energy rub off on you and it's contagious!"

Bobbi - Bunkhouse Media Co.

"As a wedding videographer... what can I say, I love LOVE! But with loving what I do also came with a giant fear of 'putting myself out there' and charging what I'm worth to provide my clients with videography for their big day. Megan not only helped instill in me what sales REALLY was and how I could LOVE it instead of FEAR it... but she taught me a script that literally 4x'd my business in ONE YEAR. In just my second year of business I'm on track for over $200,000! And I'm not even 25! Thank you Megan + team. Your support and knowledge are invaluable, and I can't WAIT to hit $1M very soon!"

AJ - Buttoned Up Weddings & Events

"As a mom of two and a full time 1st grade teacher, to say I 'didn't have time' for one more thing in my life wasn't

WRONG... but it also wasn't right. I've been a writer all of my life, and just didn't understand the 'business stuff' that would impact my family financially in the way it needed to, but also that allowed me time with my babies and husband. Coach Megan shifted so many mindsets in me, and has a way of making things simple, sellable, and scalable because I AM the thing that makes it all run! I didn't realize how much I already had IN ME that people would ACTUALLY WANT! I went from selling a $30 product and being terrified to charge more than a few hundred dollars to selling a THREE THOUSAND DOLLAR PACKAGE! And it was actually EASIER! That's more than I make in a whole MONTH as a teacher. Thank you Coach Megan for giving my family and I this GIFT!"

Faith - Hey Friend, Mama's Mental Health

"The single biggest thing that Coach Megan helped me with was realizing that I was building a business that was destined for a dead end. My clients I was going after? Were BROKE! And I was expecting THEM to pay me what I was worth? Not gonna happen! Once Coach Megan and I shifted my offer to hungry clients that wanted to work with me, things got to be so easy it was almost mind blowing. I was vastly undercharging and felt like I had no time to do the other things on my plate. As a filmmaker, producer, and mom, God's put so many things on my heart... now I have time to devote to them all while making the impact I was always called to!

Shelby - ShelbyKaeCo

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